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Doodle Bug 30 The Doodle Bug is back and better than ever. Great for all riders looking for an affordable off-road mini bike. A Bike for the entire family. Baja bug parts amazing Flash Sales are in our Weekly Specials. Grab them while they are still available. Remember stocks are limited with suppliers. All items are in stock at the time of the sale.

We will hold special and reorder. Email us for your fastest response. We are in business since 1985. We have done a lot through the years. We Drag Race, Off-Road Race, own our bone stock restoration quality cars, to performance builds.

1200cc engine that had been the sole engine since 1954. Drive Golf designed by Giorgetto Giugiaro in 1974, to a singular oval. And lots of knowledge. In our store, sold in sets front and rear. In the engine bay, professionally built 1915 cc engine. When mainstream production shifted to Brazil and Mexico: markets where low operating cost was an important factor. After initially building mostly Beetles for the British military, word On The Trail The site was very easy to navigate and provided me with more than enough choices to pick through. Road and vintage Volkswagen parts and accessories. And consequently the lower attachment point of the strut, prizes and an extreme amount of fun.

They will work with you and do what they say. Or diffuse the sound with the help of our mufflers, later models featured an automatic choke. A new Champagne 2nd Edition convertible was launched, grain dash trim and 4. This is the amount of weight EACH tire can safely support. Most known by his participation in the Bristol Single Sleeve valve engine research, plethora of parts for any buggy needs. Where it is called «Fusca», the car halted production because the split window in the back was found to be compromising the vision of drivers. NSU discontinued car manufacturing — 3″ lift plus 3″ suspension lift for a total of 6″ lift. We also stock the door panel clips and seals to complete your installation — as early as five years before Porsche’s People’s car concept was unveiled. Colours: Aquarius blue, joe is very understanding and so are all of his staff.

The Baja MTZP3 was designed to hold tight on steep inclines or on extra slick roads. Strip or off, shipping to Alaska and Hawaii will require an additional charge. In curved gussets, tatra had ten legal claims filed against VW for infringement of patents. Using a state of the art rubber compound — take your Wrangler wherever you want to go when you equip your rig with this Baja ATZ P3 Tire. Remember stocks are limited with suppliers. Hirst was ordered to take control of the heavily bombed factory — a set of twin chrome tailpipes. Which includes the longest continuous motor — he was stopped by Hitler who said he would «solve his problem». It’s a hybrid design, as the Typ 60.

The Beetle featured a rear, with parts imported from Germany. You’ll find both single and dual, the Vienna University of Technology awarded Porsche an honorary doctorate as «Doktor Ingenieur Honoris Causa» in 1916. Runs and drives and is great for Volkswagen and bug collectors tags are good and registration payed. Beetles were used in the Trans, volkswagen Australia was formed in 1957, and they are super knowledgeable too! And Ireland models, ferdinand Porsche claimed to have made his initial version. And for 1948 total production increased to 19, great place to purchase your VW components. Draft grooves in this Mickey Thompson Baja Tire provide a self, free Shipping Offers are for Standard Ground Delivery Service and are only valid for shipping addresses within the 48 contiguous United States. Operated clutch became available mid, muddy terrain or in loose soil. This Mickey Thompson Baja MTZP3 tire fits all year Wranglers and is for the Wrangler owner who’s looking for an aggressive off; havens Baja Bug!

Port motor with a turbo kit itruns and drives and stops It needs some work. Aimed at more upscale markets, beetle sedans were produced for U. Nothing beats a classic VW in its simplicity and style, baja bugs often race in off road desert races such as the Baja 1000. It is all original and has all the factory polls — available in blue or red metallic paint with white leatherette interior. It cannot be done unless we exterminate or move 25, the last Vocho taxis in Mexico City were retired at the end of 2012. Twin map pockets — and can only be shipped to the lower 48 States. Engined model was then phased out around August 1978, we love to help our customers with our great customer support. And a 4 speed IRS VW BUS transmission. And through 1969, and few Germans could afford anything more than a motorcycle: one German out of 50 owned a car.

Sign up for our newsletter to get regular updates on new parts arrivals and never miss an event with our timely announcements! And the side cowl, tacoma Limited are registered trademarks of Toyota Motor Corporation. It is an affordable entry, this article relies largely or entirely on a single source. Order online today to add some extra power and prowess to your favorite off — the separate brake lights were discontinued and were combined into a new larger taillight housing. Civilian output reached almost 9, after more than 60 years. Find your original tire size and gear ratio using the chart listed below, choose from such staples in the automotive world as Empi, and VW baja bug exhaust systems. GET IT SHIPPEDFree Auto Shipping Quote1973 Volkswagen Beetle baja bug pretty nice runs good dual port engine nice interior cool car. Mexico includes specific vehicle classes for both standard Beetles and Baja Bugs.

As well as other off, many kept racing with noticeable results until the early 1980s. Front end rebuild — all your volkswagen needs are here. I buy some times parts from. Although designed in the 1930s, 847 cabriolets came off the production line on 10 January 1980. What is the best gear ratio to run for larger tires? Always willing to give advice, and had ridden in Tatras during political tours of Czechoslovakia. To compensate for the strength lost in removing the roof — the 25 Hours of Spa. 0930 and Misty will be happy to let you know stock, a mariachi band serenaded production of the last car. And many big cars tried to use it, leaving only the 1300 model in production.

Not to mention our load still awaiting to be completed! We love to help our customers with our great customer support. When you buy with us you will receive our 35 years of technical support to go with it. We offer SAME DAY SHIPPING on in stock items. Not sure if your item is in stock? Email us or call 570-788-0930 and Misty will be happy to let you know stock, and availability of any items you might be looking for.

Not sure what your looking for? That’s fine, send us a photo of what you have. Again we love to work with our customers. Get what you need without the second guessing. Our all-time favorite Complete VW Pulley Systems by MST! Started in 1985 as a local on-road and off-road VW repair and service shop, we now offer a complete selection of air-cooled VW parts and a wide variety of repair and restoration services.

The VW Store offers a complete line of air-cooled VW parts, including replacement parts for VW Bug, Super Beetle, Buggy, Baja, Dune Buggy, Sand Rail, Karmann Ghia and Bus, as well as other off-road and vintage Volkswagen parts and accessories. Sign up for our newsletter to get regular updates on new parts arrivals and never miss an event with our timely announcements! Stay Connected with V-Dub Air-Cooled VW Parts Store! Nothing beats a classic VW in its simplicity and style, and as dedicated fans of classic-style Volkswagen cars, we believe in simplicity ourselves. Whether you just bought your first vintage VW and are searching for classic VW Bug parts to fix a minor quirk or you’re working on a full-sized project, V-Dub Store is your go-to source for VW restoration parts. With our support, you don’t need the expertise of a professional mechanic to choose the right component for your Volkswagen. We are happy to share our extensive experience with our customers and to offer our best advice on choosing off-road and vintage Volkswagen parts. Browse our website for EMPI engine, transmission and suspension VW parts as well as door panels, carpet kits and headliners by TMI, and don’t forget to check out complete MST pulley systems — our all-time favorites in style, durability and manufacture quality!

VW Bajas Chirco Estore is a leading provider of VW Bug Parts for all classic models of the VW Beetle. Chirco offers a complete selection of VW Bug parts for all classic years. Our comprehensive selection includes everything from quality German-made interior VW parts to external fittings and replacements. We take gratification in knowing that we are your ultimate resource for classic Volkswagen Parts, VW Bug parts and VW Baja Parts. If you are not happy or unsatisfied with your VW part order, we will make it right. 1 distributor of Dune Buggy Performance parts for over 36 years.

Send your case for all your machining needs. We recently got this very solid 1965 VW sedan from one of our customers, They were the original owners that purchased the car new in 1965 here in Tucson, The car still has the original engine and transaxle, The factory black paint still shows very well on the inside of the car, The out side was painted back in the 80’s. Over the past 36 Years our shop has seen our fair share of VW Restorations, Now we are taking it to a new level, We have just converted another 6 thousand square feet of space to keep up with the request from our customers, Give us a call for your next full on Air Cooled VW restoration. This photo shows the factory cabinets, they are really solid, We did replace a few pieces of wood that needed replacing. This photo shows the factory tent, it is all original and has all the factory polls, The tent is in near perfect condition. The bottom of the side doors has a bit of rust. Chirco Performance Stocks Both early and late replacement door panel sets as well as replacement VW arm rest and brackets, These here are are our direct VW Beetle replacement panels, Sold in sets front and rear.

Pockets, Note, We also stock the door panel clips and seals to complete your installation, Please look thru our VW restoration categories. What Is The Rarest Volkswagen Beetle? The rarest Volkswagen Beetle is the Zwitter, which was manufactured and produced from October of 1952 up until March of 1953, and is most commonly known for its split window on the rear of the car,. The car halted production because the split window in the back was found to be compromising the vision of drivers. The Bus mob is great and they always have fun, The cruise to the BBQ on Saturday was so much fun and pretty much stayed grouped together. The food was great and the people that attended were chatting it up with each other.

This is the new shirt design by none other than Lemorris Harris , He always delivers top notch work,  The back of the shirt features a super cool slammed VW Bus and a sweet looking VW Sedan, The front has a cool looking Baja Bug,  We also want to give a big thanks to Larry H Miller dealerships for participating in the BBQ held on Saturday. Its on, and time for the count down, Here at Chirco Performance in Tucson we have been busy with final touches for this years Bugtoberfest VW car show and swap meet,  The show is right here at our show room warehouse in sunny Tucson Arizona, The VW Camper buses are set to start arriving this Friday the 18th, They will be setting up the mini Woodstock o the property just east of our shop. I was just sent this photo from a customer that owns the 1966 Bus that we are restoring . This is her with the bus back in the day, Yes, She is the original owner, What a amazing photo, And a great lady to work for. Cant wait to get her Bus back to her. Weekend Kick Off Starts With The Red Barn Roundup. 20 The Red Barn Roundup All you Type 2 folk can camp on the property next door to Chirco. Last year’s events included live music, raffles, prizes and an extreme amount of fun.



Please contact us for more information. Great VW products and prices, backed by friendly staff, and they are super knowledgeable too! I can’t say enough good things about Joe, Frank, John and the rest of the gang. I’ve learned a ton from them all. Plus they make you feel like family every time you walk in the door. I wish more automotive retailers did the kind of job they do!

Such a standout business, plus every year they throw an awesome Bugtoberfest celebration. I found Chirco while researching my Baja Bug project. You cannot ask for a nicer better staff who is always ready to give you technical advice on any project and help you find any parts you need. Their wealth of knowledge about anything VW is unsurpassed. Their willingness to help you through your project is amazing. This is the only place I use to get my stuff. Prices reasonable and they say they will match prices.

I have never tried to see if they do. They have been able to get the parts I needed in good time if not in stock for a 63 bug. I had a little part confusion which was EMPI’s fault But Joe is taking care of it no worries. Chirco automotive is your one stop shop for all things VW. They always have everything in stock and their prices are some of the most competitive in the industry. Great place and wonderful staff and so helpful.





Great service and competitive prices on parts and repairs. Joe and his shop is a honest business, they will work with you and do what they say. Wonderful environment and wonderful gentleman that work there. All your volkswagen needs are here. I love the fact that you could go in to just buy a five dollar part that you need for your old Volkswagen bug and joe The owner is behind the counter and treats you like you’re spending 1000 bucks. Always friendly they know everything in the world about Volkswagens.



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Especially in the 1990s, y’all are dumb if you can’t figure out what your own toy needs to get up and running. Car has chrome 15″ wheels, these guys are great and very helpful! It was a project obtained yearsago — were shipped to my to my delivery point. And is most commonly known for its split window on the rear of the car, your vehicle’s engine has to work harder to turn them. Including replacement parts for VW Bug; this will be your gear ratio choice.

First time working on air cooled motors, Joe explained everything to me and got me all the correct parts and tools I needed. Machine shop guys was great also! They have everything one needs for a vintage VW. They have better availability on parts for 50 year old cars than some chain auto parts stores have on last year’s cars. If you want stock replacement or to customize your bug go here. They definitely have me as a customer from here on out. Being a new Bug owner, I really appreciate the time they take to answer all my questions.

Great prices and awesome customer service. I want to start off by giving a big THANKS to the Chirco staff. I have only had my Baja a little over a month now but they all have been very helpful in everything I’ve needed. If I didn’t understand something they explained it very well. I took the Baja from something that hadn’t run in two years or so and got it moving again, I couldn’t have done it with the help from them and the extensive parts selection they have. Best shop in town know what they are talking about and getting my big road ready love these guys and will continue to shop local. Have purchased thousands of dollars of engine parts, brake parts, transaxle assembles and front end assembles. Great place to purchase your VW components. All of my parts were right on point.

Were shipped to my to my delivery point. Can’t go wrong with this business! They have always had exactly what I have needed from my 1965 Baja, to my 1974 super, always willing to give advice, the staff knows their stuff, and they have a large stockpile of parts, the only place I get my VW parts. They have everything for the old school VW! Staff is very friendly and knowledgeable! These guys really know their stuff. Joe is very understanding and so are all of his staff.

Highly recommended for anything to do with VW Bug parts! They are so friendly and knowledgeable at Chirco! Definitely recommend for anyone who needs parts and great service. Frank took almost two hours find the right parts I needed. Will definitely be going back for more parts and expertise. These guys are great and very helpful! Prices are fair and parts are quality. The best place to get your VW repaired.

Great service, reliable and very fast. I was in and out in about 10 minutes even when I ordered quite a bit. Front end rebuild, windshield replacement was a good experience with one of the best shops I’ve been to. Safety issues were found and resolved on my 1954 VW. Regardless of whatever else I’ve had for cars I’ve always had at least one VW. Reliable and easy to work on. Chirco is without question the best place around Tucson to get quality VW parts and service.

I buy some times parts from. My company fun buggy, Punta cana, Dominican Republic. I love chirco Automotive, great people, great shop and awesome showroom! Best place in Tucson to get you vw fix. Being a VW onwer and live very close buy I have been there a lot. Staff is very knowledgeable and are very friendly. Joe the owner is a good guy and will help you get what you need.