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Both online and phone orders available. Bunk beds come in many different shapes, sizes, designs, colours and materials. On our website you can purchase wooden or metal bunk beds. These beds come in different heights and have storage and study areas. A bunk bed is an exciting addition in the lives of your kids. Bellow you will find all the information that will help you choose a mattress, safely position the bed and some information on practical bunk bed bedding. Bunk beds are divided into two and when children are sharing a room they give each child a feeling like they are in their own room. Bunks are normally surrounded by two walls and can have additional features such as bunk beds with mattress or stylish radiator covers for an extra fun and fort-like effect.

It is assumed that with kids feel more secure in their bunk beds rather than in an open bed helping them to sleep better at night. It is a hard call to make when choosing a bunk bed as your kids will most likely be begging for one. Bunk beds are amazing not just for a bit of privacy but also as a space saver. There is never enough storage room for toys that are scattered around the house in unlimited quantities. Having limited room space bunk beds will free up some of it for storing the toys.

However fun the bunk beds may seem to your kids consider it from a practical view. If you’re short on space, on storage space and you want some privacy for your kids, bunk beds will be a perfect solution for that. Regarding the international health and safety rules, including HSE, it is important that no kids under the age of 6 should be allowed on the top bunk. Not all of the kids can climb confidently up and down the ladder. It can be because of many various reasons. Perhaps the size of the ladder is too big for them and not all of the kids under 6 will be confident climbing down the ladder at night. Some of the kids are extremely active when they sleep.

They toss and turn and they may want to wake up several times a night to go to the bathroom. Having to go up and down the ladder a couple of times a night will disturb the child sleeping on the bottom bunk. If that is the case maybe they should sleep on the bottom bunk. Keep in mind the layout of the room. If possible place a bunk bed against one or two walls. The walls and their wainscoting create extra safety feature in addition to guard rails. Avoid putting a bunk bed near a window as it can pose potential hazard. The top bunk will be the closest to the ceiling this means that you should avoid putting it within the reach of ceiling fans and electrical fixtures.

There are a number of elements that will affect the shopping budget of a bunk bed. Let’s get it clear, a metal bunk bed will be cheaper than a wooden one. All bunk beds that will have extra storage built into them will be more expensive. Stairs instead of ladders will also add to the price of the bunk bed due to increase of material and a slightly more complicated layout. Take into consideration that you will need two mattresses, factoring it into your bunk bed budget. Best Bunk BedsA lot of parents’ concerns would be the safety of the bunk beds. Ever since bunk beds have been invented the safety regulations on them have been reinforced. Any bunk bed that you’re purchasing should have a guard rail on the top bunk.

It is vital because no matter how confident you’re in your child’s sleeping patterns, the guard rail will protect them from any potential accidents. You might noticed that even with single beds we tend to put carpets beside them. Firstly it is out of comfort and it’s much nicer to step on a carpet first thing in the morning rather than a hardwood floor that can be cold. Same principle should apply with bunk beds for extra safety and comfort to position a carpet underneath the bed. Buying a bunk bed with your kids make sure you establish some basic safety rules. These are simple but golden rules that every household should reinforce about their bunk beds. However if you decide to go a different route, consider the following elements when purchasing a mattress.

The higher your mattress is the lower the safety railing will be. Safety rails protect a child from falling out of bed and a thick mattress might take away from their height. Similar applies to the bottom bunk. The thicker the mattress is below the less head room a child will have. A springy mattress will cause a child want to bounce on it and it isn’t quite ideal. Consider a foam mattress or a memory foam mattress that will allow the body to sink into it. Changing the sheets on plush mattresses is harder especially on the top bunk.

Foam mattresses are lighter and easier to manage especially in conjunction with staircase bunk beds. My girls have both said the bed and especially the mattresses are so comfortable and lovely to sleep on. We’re not in Dublin to take advantage of the assembly service so we got a local handyman to do the assembling for us. Overall very satisfied with the purchase. We’re pleased with the quality of this product. The mattresses were thick and of high quality. The luminous strips on the steps were a nice touch. The bed is sturdy, there’s a good amount of storage under the bed and plenty of shelf space for books and toys.

This website is using a security service to protect itself from online attacks. We need your email to send you a permanent link to your shortlist. You can view it anytime, retrieve it in-store or send to a partner. Do you have a budget in mind? Bunk beds are two single beds stacked vertically, usually with a ladder for easy access to the top bunk. One sits above the other to form a single unit and they’re a great space saver in small bedrooms.

What ages are they suitable for? Bunk beds are appropriate for all ages above 4 years. However, regulations state that children under 6 years should only use the bottom bunk. If your little ones are younger, it’s best to opt for cots or toddler beds instead. And they aren’t just for children either. As one bed stacks above another, they’re ideal for room shares and bedrooms that don’t offer a lot of space.


Whether your looking for wooden beds, metal beds, leather, upholstery, or bunk beds, we are sure to have it at Mattress Mick’s. Assign default variant for the page product. Limit amount of products according to shop settings ba_data. Buy at discounted prices», vol_rows: data. Enter the characters you see below Sorry, we just need to make sure you’re not a robot. Are you looking for an extra long twin bunk bed?

These XL twin bunk beds for sale offer the much needed leg room a tall person requires so that their feet are not dangling off the bed. Our selection of long twin XL bunk beds for adults is skillfully crafted from solid wood or metal to ensure long-lasting strength and durability. Some of the XL configurations offered are twin over twin, twin over queen, full over queen and Queen over Queen bunk beds for the entire family. If you are furnishing your vacation home or rental cabin and you are limited on room space and require lots of beds, an XL twin bunk bed with trundle is our pick here. Purchasing XL size bunks gives rental owners an advantage over other cabin rental owners. Choose from the latest casual and contemporary styles to seamlessly match your existing bedroom décor.

Select from a variety of finishes, such as black, white, espresso, walnut, dark pecan gunmetal, gray, cherry and navy blue to add color to a room. We stock over 120 different children’s bunks beds including bunk beds for kids. Best bunk beds for kids — With plenty of storage We offer free delivery throughout the UK mainland and have a wide and varied selection of both metal, framed and wooden bunk beds in stock and ready for next day delivery. Kids bunk beds for sale at amazing prices All of our bunk beds are built to the highest standards of quality with comfort, durability and safety are paramount. 00 and be delivered in 7-14 days so what are you waiting for? And we now have our NEW!





As an online bed retailer, Bed Kingdom offers you a choice of bunk beds, including novelty bunk beds in creative designs. Why buy a bunk bed from Bed Kingdom? The main benefit of buying bunk beds for your home is that you can sleep two children comfortably in small bedrooms. However, they are generally an excellent space-saving option, and children find kids’ bunk beds a huge source of fun! It’s important to buy quality bunk beds from an assured online bed seller though. This is one of the reasons that customers choose Bed Kingdom for an item that is likely to be used by growing and active youngsters.



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However they generally exceed 77 inches tall for the stacked triple bunk beds. And tables designed exclusively for kids. Take a look at our guide on space; bunk beds are amazing not just for a bit of privacy but also as a space saver. You should invest in a bunk bed to have ample sleeping space for your children. Our innerspring and foam mattresses provide ample support for your kids’ spines, they’re also an excellent option when entertaining multiple house guests.

It’s always important to buy quality assured bedroom furniture from recommended suppliers of beds and other items. That includes buying well-made bunk beds that conform to the British Standard Specification 1 BS EN 747 safety accreditation. Take a look at our children’s bunk beds with sides on the top level. They look amazing but also help to keep youngsters safe on top bunks. Different bunk bed designs and configurations will have slightly different measurements, especially if you choose a bunk bed with storage or a novelty bunk bed for children’s bedrooms. How can you make sure you buy the best bunk bed? It’s important to measure the space you have, including floor to ceiling span.

What type of mattress is best for bunk beds? Though usually, standard bunk beds are designed to hold a single mattress. Triple tier bunk beds usually have a built-in pull out bed beneath the lower bunk. It is possible to buy bunk beds that consist of a single bed above, and a double bed beneath. Your best bet is to check the recommended mattress types for the online bunk beds you buy. Are bunk beds strong enough for adults? Bed Kingdom is a great place to buy bunk beds for adults and children to use. That’s because we stock well made and quality assured bedroom furniture. There are different types of bunk beds of course, including ones made from metal and wood, as well as bunk beds with built-in shelves, draws or integrated steps. You have no items to compare.

We are OPEN and delivering orders as usual. The mattress is the most important part of your bed. While everyone wants a bed with a frame and headboard that complements their bedroom’s décor, you simply can’t get a good night’s sleep on a mattress that doesn’t suit you. Available in a range of styles and sizes, Happy Beds’ mattresses and mattress toppers are uniquely designed and tested in a way to ensure optimum comfort. Whether you are after a memory foam mattress or pocket spring mattress, we’ve got you covered! Browse our mattresses for sale today Take a look through our range of mega-comfortable mattresses for sale here at Happy Beds, or call the team at your earliest convenience for more details. Our mattresses span various points on the firmness scale, and we also have a range of options for increased comfort when you need it most.

What Mattress Size Should I Get? When buying a mattress online, it’s important you know what size you need. What Type of Mattresses Are Available? Happy Beds stocks every type of mattress you can think of. Not everybody likes to sleep on the same type of mattress. The firmness of a mattress is mainly down to comfort, but it can have health benefits too. Firmer mattresses can offer greater back support, for example. When choosing mattress firmness, however, it is important to consider your weight.