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UNSCENTED, NOW AVAILABLE IN SOME PRODUCTS! Container Manufacturer Since 1984Roetell helps you streamline the process of getting your bottles and jars beyond the concept stage and into the consumers’ hands. Find our full range of solutions to make your glass containers an optimized reality. We feature high-quality glass jars and bottle containers that are designed to offer the best service to all our clients. Our products come in a wide range of colors that you can choose from with amazing aesthetic styles. This makes them a great addition to your living space and also makes the space inviting to guests.

We cater to the health and beauty industry by offering high-quality glass bottles that come in different sizes ranging from 20ml to 120ml. Our bottles are specifically formulated for cosmetics and come with a wide variety of closure options to consider. We feature sprayers, pumps, and screw caps among others. Additionally, you have the option of customizing your glass bottles packaging to better fit your brand. Our food and beverage glass bottles are produced with a keen interest in achieving your desired designs, especially with customization. They also feature the highest standards of food safety making them perfect for food storage. Additionally, our glass bottles are produced in an FDA-certified plant with keen observation of the health and safety standards. We provide custom solutions to all our customers and offer free glass bottle samples that you can take advantage of.

We offer the option to produce glass bottles in different sizes to ensure that you get packaging options that will accommodate your products accurately. You have a wide range of color options to consider which will help you better position yourself in the market and bring in some unique pieces. Our custom solutions feature the production of glass bottles in different shapes to help ensure that they fit in with your desired products. Different neck and finish options are available depending on the products you work with. We offer different options to ensure you get one that suits your needs. We pride ourselves in being one of the highly sort-after Chinese bottle manufacturers who work to produce glass bottles from scratch. D division that is tasked with researching global trends to ensure we provide quality solutions desired in the market.

We work with experienced designers who have years of experience to offer unique and interesting designs that will accurately position your brand in the market. Our in-house bottle manufacturing allows us to offer high-quality products in record time. We are also able to give you the best affordable prices in the market. We feature a quality control department that works in close contact with the manufacturing department. This ensures that all the glass bottles you get are of the highest quality standards. Taking your branding requirements, we work to give you the option of glass bottle labeling to better present your products in the market. You can trust that our production processes are designed to offer the best quality for you to take advantage of.

We’ll supply rich bottles that will be best suited for your business. All our manufacturing processes are done in our production plant which allows us to cut down on delivery time and provide solutions on time. We believe in walking the journey with you which is why we offer after-sale services. They are designed to help you whenever you get stuck and last for the entire lifespan of your product. We closely study attractive packaging that makes clients win their pioneering position while reinforcing their branding. Knowing the current bottle packaging trends will give you ideas for creating a presentation that gets your target market enthusiastic enough to ask for a fill-up of your beverage.

Roetell case studies Roetell case studies highlight the specific experience of an glass bottle project in solving important challenges of our clients. Take a close look of how we analyse clients’ requirements, how we help overcome their challenges and improve the overall impact of their marketing image. Please upload only jpg, png, pdf, dxf, dwg files. 2021 Jiangsu Rongtai Glass Products Co. Make sampling easy and effective for any product in any industry with these six steps. At Gordon Grade Coffee Company’s office in Midtown Manhattan, 2,000 individual servings of Dr. Drip’s eco-friendly premium drip coffee are ready to be shared with the masses.

The start-up plans to distribute its self-brewed coffee—its first product—to stressed students during finals week at New York University. Drip’s guerrilla exercise precedes the product’s official May 23 release, and is Gordon Grade’s first foray into sampling. There’s always a reticence to give anything away for free,» says co-founder Jesse Gordon. You don’t know whether or not the end result will justify the cost of putting the team together and getting the product into people’s hands. Sampling is hardly a new concept, but the process still strains many companies that attempt it. Other industries, from toys to technology, traditionally less familiar with the procedure, can also show their stuff through samples.


You can, however, plan for a little extra. The company also saves money by planning its samples six-to-eight months in advance to avoid impulse spending. It also limits its audience to lower shipping costs. It’s not like lipstick,» Chae says of her product. Our toys range from 11 to 35 inches. We don’t want them to be shipped and disregarded.

Additional packaging costs sometimes are the more strategic option, however. After starting with poured samples, POM soon realized it could better build its brand by giving away eight-ounce bottles. People can take the experience with them,» says Six. It’s more expensive, but it’s been more successful for us. Sampling requires you think outside the box, both literally and figuratively. What you package your sample in matters for consumer appeal.

We’re very bright, we’re very vibrant, and we make sure our packets resemble our actual products so our customers remember us,» Webb says. Make it stand out in a way that someone really wants to open and try it. Creativity matters in the way you package your samples as well. POM outside-the-box sampling efforts have helped bolster the company’s notability. Two years after introducing its product, the company created the POMtini for the 2004 Oscars, generating serious PR buzz. If you’re going to do sampling, you can either do it very generically, or you can create an experience for your consumer,» says Six.





We think the latter works better. Are your sampling efforts working at all? In order to determine if your samples are actually effective, you need to track its success. For example, in its sampling efforts, Gordon Grade hoped its college samplers would try the product and then join their social network. POM used a similar approach after their POMx coffee campaign. We saw a lot of feedback on Twitter,» says Six. We could read what people were saying about us. Promotion codes are another way to boost sales and track effectiveness.



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Liquid and cream dispensing cap, president of Hosung NY. Including cobalt blue, ‘I want a million. You next need to decide the what. Taking your branding requirements, eight months in advance to avoid impulse spending. Safe glass bottle options.

When your sampling dollars are really important to you, you really want to make sure you’re tracking what’s working and what’s not,» Webb says. If we find that something like that doesn’t work for us because we didn’t have anybody come to our site and redeem the promo code, maybe we wouldn’t do it next year. In order for sampling to be successful, samples must become sales. Generous sampling is a waste of marketing dollars if no revenue comes from it. As a new company, Fitango is willing to give away as many samples as possible and work closely with their customers as they learn the product. But, the honeymoon will end soon. Our goal is to work with them, help them build these platforms, and then work with them to determine the price their services,» says Muley. Once we’ve convinced a small business to use our service, we will charge them what makes sense. Sampling can be tricky, it can be tedious, and it can be taxing on your company. But, if in the end, your customer base grows, the effort will be well worth it.

It’s such an important part of the marketing mix,» says Six. If you want someone to try your product twice, they have to try it once. Get the advice you need to start, grow, and lead your business today. Select from a wide range of BBQ Sauce Bottles to create unique brand packaging at affordable prices. When considering sauce bottle styles, review Berlin Packaging’s collection of square, oval, stepped, fluted neck, flask, oblong, ring-neck, and other models to help brand your product. Choose from glass, PET or PP bottles. Save time by selecting a pre-designed bottle and cap set.

Are BBQ Sauce Bottles Suitable For Other Products? BBQ sauce bottles are also suitable for hot sauces, dressings, honey, oils, liquor, and beverages such as iced coffee, energy drinks, and cold-pressed juices. Select hot fill plastic bottles for products such as syrups, sauces, and marinades that require packaging while hot. Hot fill plastic bottles withstand heat up to 204 degrees Fahrenheit. Create Customer Satisfaction The choice of food bottles available allows you to create packaging solutions with your customer needs in mind. Clear plastic and glass packaging enables you to quickly view your product to check for inconsistencies and ensure customers receive a high-quality product every time. Select tamper-evident beverage bottles to build consumer confidence.

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We provide many industries with the most durable, reliable glass bottles in a variety of sizes, shapes, and colors. From glass drinking bottles to glass spray bottles, you’ll find the right bottle for your product at the right price. Glass wine bottles are a popular choice at Bottlestore. Whether you are a vintner on a small scale or need larger quantities for mass production, we can accommodate specific bottle dimensions. If water is your market, we stock a variety of glass water bottles in unique shapes like Bullet, Square, and the popular Boston Round. Food manufacturers, like sauce makers and honey collectors, will appreciate the sturdy quality of our food-safe glass bottle options.