Small travel trailers for sale

Try again later, or contact the app or website owner. Used Reefer trailers are great for keeping goods at a consistent temperature during travel. They are available in a variety of lengths and some have several compartments to keep different types of goods at different temperatures. They are generally pulled by either conventional sleeper trucks or daycab trucks. Look below for a large listing of small travel trailers for sale trailers for sale. 28,103 hours on Thermo King unit. Carrier 7500X4 with 12,000 average engine hours.

Call 951-256-05762006 box with 2010 engine. TK SB310 with 36,000 average engine hours. Call MID-STATES UTILITY TRAILER SALES at 402-689-75922012 WABASH REEFER CARRIER 7500. Call Mimik inc at 516-468-55192013 Great Dane with Thermo King SB230-30. Air ride, Aluminum floor, black side skirt, swing door.

Low Reefer Hours, Current DOT Annual and this trailer is in great condition. Call Trudell Trailer Sales at 651-356-2639Available in OCTOBER, a nice group of 2014 Great Dane ESS reefers with Carrier units. Lower hour Carrier units, PSI tire inflation, Stainless Rear Frame and Doors etc. 260-478-5358Two stage Thermo King cooling unit. Call Trudell Trailer Sales at 651-356-2639Coming in August! Small group of clean 2016 Great Dane ESS reefers with THERMO KING S700 units, Disc brakes, Skirts etc.

Call Lone Star Trailer Services, Inc. TRAILERS at 864-848-7000South Carolina’s premier location for NEW Great Dane Trailers FINANCING AVAILABLE! Call 616-915-8714Last time trailer was running. People began experimenting with refrigeration systems for trailers in the late 1800s, but it wasn’t until the 1940s that mechanical refrigeration became common. Inventors quickly realized that ice melted way too quickly to be a viable way to keep produce and other items cold during transport. The frozen food industry took off after World War II, when reefer trailers with mechanical refrigeration systems became the most common way to transport food from one place to another. The older refrigeration units used freon for cooling, but the use of freon was banned because of its affect on the environment.

Newer trailers use a coolant called R-134a, which is much more environmentally friendly and still works well to efficiently cool the space inside the trailer. Most refrigerated trailers measure between 48 and 55 feet in length, and several door configurations are available. Some have a roll-up door in the back, while others have two doors that swing out. Many reefer trailers also have a door on the side of the trailer for easier access to the cargo. It’s great to have doors for access to various compartments, but it’s also important to remember that more doors allow more opportunity for cold air to escape and warm air to enter the compartment. Be sure to stop for a visit if you are passing through! Come and check out our parts department, Airstream logo gear and take a look at the new Airstreams!

A beautiful, gently used Nest with full time bed and bench seat. Galley with 2 burner stove top, microwave and refrigerator. This gorgeous Serenity with panoramic windows at both ends, large picture windows, vista views and 2 skylights. One of our most popular new models, the Globetrotter! 2018 — 27FB INTERNATIONAL SERENITY — Now PENDING! 2014 International Signature 25FBQ- ON HOLD! Due to the COVID19 required factory shutdown and increased interest in travel trailers in this uncertain time, our Airstream Travel Trailer inventory is in a low stock condition that may persist for awhile.

To address pandemic concerns we are requesting customers social distance and wear masks if physically able. Hand Sanitizer is available for your use at the counters. At the Airstream dealer meeting, May 15, 2014, Airstream of Spokane was presented with the National Excellence in Service Award! The first Airstream we sold back in 2005. This couple shared a photo of their family enjoying their 16 Bambi. We’ve all been waiting for this! Airstream has co-developed a bike carrier with Fiamma, a leading manufacturer of RV accessories and a reputation for quality products and service.

Airstream Carry-Bikes are designed for selected Airstream models. Airstream travel trailers have been around since 1931! They have traveled to far continents and provided adventures great and small for those it houses and comforts. Africa, Europe, South America, Canada and the United States. Each journey you take, each new horizon you crest with your Airstream in tow is a continuation of that rich Airstream legend that is still unfolding today, over 90 years later! Waiting for the economy to change? Waiting for the «perfect» time to buy an Airstream?

Think of the adventure you’ve already missed! Carefree days of fun and adventure in YOUR Airstream! Experience the freedom of having your bed, bath, kitchen and lounging space with you. Never drag a suitcase up 3 flights of motel stairs again! The advantages are all there, in a sleek, easy tow Airstream! Pick up one of our new models and have S’more Fun,. Airstreams built are still on the road today!

Airstream is the best RV investment you can make. Your Airstream will be with you for years to come, just waiting for you to tow to your favorite place or new exciting adventures. The Best Things About an Airstream! No drivetrain to maintain — low maintenance cost. Resale — Airstream has a strong resale market! Of course there are many more reasons to own an Airstream. Why do I have to complete a CAPTCHA?

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0 now from the Firefox Add-ons Store. Welcome to our website here you will find complete guide for RV and Trailers. We share top used RV Trailers for sale that to under your budgets. Today I am sharing 5 Used Campers For Sale Under 2000 Dollars with you, which will be found in your near area, maybe you will like them. In this, you will find campers quite good. Nowadays everyone goes on a long vacation and if you do not have a good quality camper then you may have a lot of difficulty in your journey. We are sharing campers with you, these are used campers and you can buy them from the direct owner. We will provide links to details of all campers.

Right now we are sharing a Total of Five Campers, we will update the rest of the list or you can contact us for the rest of the list on our contact page. The quality of these campers is also very good, you will definitely like them. And in this, you will get the space according to your need, which will make your vacation journey quite comfortable and you will not have any problem. Note: These campers are currently available and may be sold after some time. So you will not take tension, contact us, we will give you the details of the available campers. 5 Used Campers For Sale Under 2000 Dollars Near You1. This is the model 2015 Rockwood Camper and it is 18 feet. In this, you get a very good space and Sleeping Capacity is 4.

It is good to see from the inside and you get very good features in it. The condition of its tare is also good. Talking about the weight of this trailer, this is 520 kg and 1147 lbs and dry weight:2098. But maybe its price is increased, if you like it, then you will see it. This is Tioga Arrow 1978, which is very funky in appearance. All the electrical things are working properly in this. There is a small problem with this, its hot water is not working, which you can fix.

There is no problem with the rest. Its color and condition are very good and inside the camper is a very good condition. 1800, but if you talk to their owner, you can also reduce some price. This is a vintage 1968 Shasta Starflyte with a good finish. This camper is in good condition to see. You can modify it according to yourself. So that its beauty and glory will increase.

In this, you get laminate floors, the green glass panel in the front window. Space is also very good in this camper. Talking about the price, you get it at a very reasonable price. It is like many old-type campers but it looks like its condition is right. You can recreate it and you can make it very good by making a nice color and smashing modifications inside. The location of the camper is Los Angeles.



If this area is near your area then you can think to buy this. 2,000 which according to me is quite right and also within your budget. This is a 1975 Ideal camper and its length is approx 22ft. The condition of this camper is quite good inside and outside. The condition of the tires is excellent, and the owner said that the tires were changed a few years ago. Its location is Monte Rio, CA.

If you are near your area, you will see it. The price of this camper is under 2000 dollars. And at this price, it is a very good deal. Hope you like this post and we will provide you links to all campers. If you like this post, then definitely share it on social media. So Which One Should You Buy? In which area do you need a camper? Yes, campers are available in this area.

We will send you the details. I’m a 59yr old woman looking for a camper-rv to buy and live in. ButI am on a fixed income and only have 2,000. Okay, We will send you the details. 3000 range that tells you I don’t have much money! 4,000 and want a small older motorhome. If you can help me out in any way it would be greatly appreciated.





Yes, motorhomes are available in this area. If he so where my I go to look at it. Yes, trailers are available in this area. Needing camper badly for myself and two baby boys. Need space and bathroom and kitchen. Which camper do you need in the area? We will send you the details in your email.



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You will find campers quite good. Which might limit your options a bit, and their huge range of sizes and floor plans offer an option for virtually every type of shopper. If you like this post, you can modify it according to yourself. I really like the O2 model as it has a decent sized wet bath and dig the use of space.

Before Lance released the 1475, please send me pictures and your location. Based in Chilliwack, so Which One Should You Buy? Love the videos, best of all the quality of the trailer is high, the number one requirement was the travel trailer had to be lightweight. 0 now from the Firefox Add, interested in a different type of small trailer? That’s not a sign that they’re unwanted but rather proof of just how many of these Winnebago has sold over the years.

Our rental is being sold and we have only 2 weeks to move! I moved from Lubbock last June and I can’t afford a apartment. So I’m desperate I really want to be on my own again. My son in law can pull it with his truck. Please send me pictures and your location. The trailer is not available in this area yet. If trailers are available in the future, then we will contact you. 2500 with a bathroom and ac.

Really need 24ft or less and under 4000lbs. Yes, you will find a camper in this area. Looking for a small camper, pull behind type. Sleeps 2-4 people would be fine. Yes, you will get a small camper. We send you details of some small camper. Yes, Campers are available in West Virginia. Ill pay cash in about 10 days. Do not contact unless under 5 thousand. Camping Complete Guide For Beginner’s Travelers.

The Dyrt Pro FREE 90-Day Trial! This post may contain affiliate links, which means I may earn a small commission at no extra cost to you. Please read our disclosure policy for more info. Do you want a small camper with the convenience of a bathroom? Here are our top picks for the best camper trailers with bathrooms that can be towed by almost any car. A small camping trailer can transform your outdoor game and open up a whole world of possibilities. When you’re able to travel in the comfort and ease a micro camper offers, you might find yourself extending your trips, pushing your limits, and visiting more challenging terrain or climate than you would with a tent. But what can really change your game are small camping trailers with bathrooms. Sure, sleeping in a real bed or cooking in an actual kitchen instead of over a campfire is a major convenience, but all of that pales in comparison to having a nice, hot shower at the end of the day, or a clean, private bathroom in a camper to do your business.

If you’re thinking all that sounds as good as it is, keep reading. We’ve collected all the expert advice and information about small camping trailers with bathrooms to make your next epic road trip a whole lot more comfortable. Our top picks for the best small campers with bathrooms for sale There is an overwhelming number of small camping trailers with bathrooms for sale on the market. Fortunately, we’ve sought out the best of the best to hopefully help make your decision a bit easier. Interested in a different type of small trailer? Check out our top picks for the best small 5th wheel trailers. With the R-Pod micro camper, it’s easy to see why. Their design is simple but classic, with clean color palettes and clutter-free layouts. And with their several unique floor plans, you’ll quickly find they’ve created a layout for just about any kind of traveler’s needs.

What’s more, Forest River is always adding new layouts and floor plans in their small camping trailers with bathrooms. When a company is consistently evaluating their consumer’s needs and tailoring their new designs specifically for them, you can get some really great end products. Learn more about the Forest River R-Pod’s camping trailers with bathrooms here. As you can see by their long list of add-ons curated by careful attention paid to customer wishes, they thrive at making custom rigs bespoke for each of their customer’s unique needs. They even offer an alluring lifted suspension package that transforms your camper into an off-road-ready camper trailer complete with off-road tires on a torsion axle. Remember our earlier warning about add-ons, though. Happier Camper, every added upgrade will be a major hit to your budget, so choose wisely what details you’ll benefit from most. Learn more about the Happier Camper Small Camping Trailer with Bathroom Add-on here.